He’s a Galactico .. Finally!!

Kaka has completed the switch from AC Milan to Real Madrid for a whopping 56 million pounds. Some guys are recession proof, aren’t they? This transfer fee breaks the previous record paid to get Zidane to Real. One Galactico record broken by another!

I always thought Kaka would stay at AC Milan for the rest of his life. Is it all about the money? Or did he leave to seek new challenges?

It was inevitable… the big money transfer. With Florentino Perez back at Real, a new Galactico era will soon start at the Bernabeau. Who is his next target? Is it Mr. CR7? Or was it just a smoke screen? One thing is for sure, Kaka will not be the only high profile transfer to Real.

This summer’s transfer window will definitely be crazier than the previous ones. With the kind of “crazy money” in football, it’s bound to get more competitive. The big question is where does this leave clubs like Everton? Manchester City dared to put in a 100 million pound bid for Kaka. That they failed is a different story. But the question remains .. Is too much of money killing football? And more importantly, is it killing the financially less fortunate clubs? The clubs which develop talent at their academies, only to see some moneybags lure them away?

Well, I guess it’s not a time to think about all that.. Hey, rejoice. Kaka is a Galactico now! The big ‘suspense’ is over.


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