Saturday photo : Rain



It is a rainy Saturday. It’s been raining since morning, pouring actually! Nothing much to do, except sit at home, by the window.. watch the world go by, have a nice cup of ginger tea, and listen to Pink Floyd on my iPod.

Well, that’s the ideal way to spend a rainy day.. sit by the window, watching the raindrops, tea, a good book, good music, and kanda bhajji!

I love it when it pours.. ummm, let me rephrase. I love it when it pours, except when I’m on my way to work. Nothing beautiful about getting drenched, and spending the next 8 hours sneezing.

It started to pour cats, dogs and elephants in the afternoon… sometime after 2:00pm. The raindrops made beautiful music on the tin roof, and painted a lovely picture on the window pane.

Clicked this shot of raindrops on the window with my mobile camera.


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