Top of the table!

Three weeks into the new season of the Premier League, and Spurs are on top. My beloved Spurs (Tottenham Hotspur Football Club .. for the uninitiated) — numero uno! Too good to be true. Could this be our year?

It’s early days, and I’m sure that’s not where we are gonna finish the season. A top 6 finish, that’ll be good. After all the chopping and changing in the previous seasons, this team looks like a stable combination. We haven’t lost any big names in the summer. The pre season has been okayish. A few loses, a few good wins, and most importantly no big name exits!

Flashback to the start of the 08-09 season. Senor Ramos had already won us the Carling cup, with Jol’s team though. We had a manager with an impressive resume, but we lost Berbatov, and Keane to Manchester United and Liverpool respectively. So what?

We started badly, lost to newly promoted teams like Stoke City (no offence, Stoke City fans). 2 points from 8 games. Everyone’s favourite joke. More than the loss of Berbatov and Keane, it was the lack of team spirit that was hurting.

Ramos was sacked in October. Harry “The Messiah” Redknapp replaced him .. and the rest is history! A strong finish, finals of the Carling cup, and a decent run in the FA and UEFA cup.

Fast forward to 09-10 season. Total contrast to what happened a year earlier. Started the season with a win over Liverpool. We had beaten them earlier, twice last season. But it was the win over Hull City and also West Ham that showed we could win away too. Away matches have always been a pain. Hope that changes now.

Like I said, it’s still early days. Don’t know where we’ll be at the end of the season. But this team, under Harry Redknapp looks a pretty strong challenger for the top 6. I’m not getting carried away as yet!

Looking at the current team, this does seem stronger than previous seasons. We always had a strong strike force, pacy  wingers. But it was the central midfield, and the back 4 that were problematic. Not any more, though there’s the Center back position that’s a bit shaky with King and his knee, Woodgate who’s injury prone, and Dawson who had been impressive last season, but injured and hasn’t started yet this season. Left back. Poor Gareth Bale. He was tipped to break into the starting XI, over Assou Ekotto. Now, he’s out injured too. The central midfield partnership of Palacios (a shrewd buy in January) and Huddlestone seems a lot stable than the previous seasons. This could change once Jenas is back. Aaron Lennon and Luka Modric own the right and left wings. It will take a massive effort from Bentley to displace Lennon now.

I’m pretty confident this team will continue the dream run. A top 6 finish looks likely. Just praying this isn’t one of the “flatter to decieve” quality that has been a distinct feature of the recent Spurs teams.

This summer was a bit different from the previous summers mainly because we weren’t linked with a lot of big money transfers. There weren’t any major exits. And most importantly, there wasn’t a lot of “top-4 this year” bull****.

This season could be the toughest ever, with Manchester City and their millions threatening to break the elusive top 4.  Don’t write off Aston Villa and Everton. They may have had a faltering start. But these two teams have it in them to finish anywhere between 4 and 7.

Keeping my feet on the ground and head out of the clouds.



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