Postcards from Shilonda…

Went to Shilonda on September 26th. No.. not some exotic place. Shilonda is one of the trails in SGNP (Borivali National Park). It’s a short walk of about 4 to 5 km inside the national park. It was an opportunity to visit my city’s “lungs“. Hadn’t visited the national park since can’t remember when!

It was a pleasant day. Well, not really “pleasant” pleasant.. Pleasant because of the company πŸ™‚

Enjoyed every moment of the trail. Saw plenty of butterflies along the trail. Don’t remember any names now. I was carrying a notepad and a pen, but it’s me.. never gonna write down all the interesting stuff. Yeh, I do remember this one interesting bit, There are around 150 species of butterfly in the National park. Interesting, isn’t it?

No information jotted down.. nothing much to write about.. except that I was with a bunch of interesting people. There’s this trekking group called TrekMates, who had organised this trail.

It was a lovely Saturday.. me, the great outdoors and my camera.

Here’s a collage created with some of the pictures I clicked.

Postcards from Shilonda

Postcards from Shilonda


One thought on “Postcards from Shilonda…

  1. it would have been nice if u have posted individual pics separately, so that we could have got some details…nothing specific could be observed in the postcard, interesting post though 😐

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