Resolution time already

Twelve more days to go before the sun sets on 2009. It’s time for new year resolutions. I like the idea of having new years resolutions. It keeps me occupied, and amused. Counting the number of days before I break them. They usually don’t last more than a week.. but it’s fun. Challenging yourself.

So, it’s that time of the year again.. when everyone looks back and smiles at the silly things they’ve done. This has been one roller coaster of a year.. plenty of travel, got my first DSLR, started working out again (after a break of almost 4 months!), trekked to some interesting places..

My plans for 2010 .. alright here goes.

Plan to strike off a few more things off my bucket list. Yea, that means more travel!

Being a photography ‘learner’.. I regularly surf a lot of photography related sites. Came across this interesting article a few days back, and that’s when I decided.. I’m gonna do this in 2010.

This is my 2010 resolution.

I am gonna start on January 1st. There will be lows.. I am sure of it. Sometimes I may skip a day, or cheat. But at the end of the year, if I have clicked 200 photographs (that is 200 days.. wow!), I’d consider it mission successful.

I’ll be spending more time with my camera in 2010.

Already started scanning various forums, looking for survival tips. I have got to brush up on my GIMP knowledge as well. I will be starting a new blog for the project photos. The best ones to be uploaded on my aminus3 page as well.

Survival tips.. What’s that? Well, it’s not easy clicking, and uploading one photo per day. I will have to click at least 10 to 15 shots before deciding which one features as the “Photo of the Day”. There will be lean days.. specially after returning home after 12-14 hours of slaving. Those will be the days when I’ll need inspiration.

I am not making any schedules or timetables. No “theme of the month” etc. Just shoot whatever I like.

So here’s wishing me Good luck. Pray that I’m honest, and manage to get some good shots throughout 2010.

Wishing everyone a Happy New year.



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