May twenty10

Calendar for may

Here’s my first attempt at creating a wallpaper calendar. It’s really simple. My tools, GIMP 2.6, and Digital Photo Professional software from Canon.

So here’s how I did it.. Not really rocket science, just 10 steps.

1. Processed the RAW image a little, and then converted it to JPEG.

2. Installed the plugin script-fu-calendar.scm

3. Created the calendar for the month, with GIMP.

4. Open the JPEG with GIMP.

5. Open the calendar (also a JPEG) as a layer.

6. Move the calendar to the bottom right, using the “move” tool.

7. In the layers window, select the calendar layer and set the mode to “Overlay”

8. Use the “Text” tool to add the Month and year.

9. Select the calendar layer, and right click > Merge down

10. Save the image.

And you are good to go!


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