Spurs season review – my views

It’s been a long time since I updated my blog. I’ve been working like a donkey lately, and haven’t really had the time (or energy) to update this space.

Enjoying my well deserved vacation, and its day 4 of peace and freedom. The past 4 days have been pretty much the same. Forget the alarm clock, have a lazy morning, late breakfast, catch up on some reading, watch a Mithun type movie on the cable, take a walk, watch a movie again, fiddle with the camera, surf the net. This has been going on for a while, so decided to break the routine and let off some steam here on my space.

The Premier league 09/10 season ended on May 9th, FA cup final was on 15th and a week later Inter beat Bayern to lift the Champions League, and that ended the football season. I’ve been grumpy since then. I need my football fix. Yeah, I sound like a junkie, but what the hey.. football fans suffer from such withdrawal symptoms every year from May to August! Well, there’s the Euros and World Cup, but that’s not every year.

The world cup (football, not cricket) is a good 16 days away. And till then there’s some pointless friendlies being played. Just the other night Germany royally whacked an amateur side’s posterior 24-0. Yee-haw!

Oh, I’m not going to rant about football. The European leagues have ended, but the madness (transfer season) is on. Just had a look at some of the footy sites, and every *bleeping* site is full of tall stories about something they heard from the uncle of their neighbour who is a distant relative of the niece of some players agent’s girlfriend. That’s excellent entertainment. Just reading some of that stuff makes my day. It’s perfect, especially if you have had a horrible day at work.

My favourite was the ‘David Villa to Spurs rumours’ Give me a break and thank you Villa for moving to Barca. Who’s next… some chap named Joe Cole, and another one named Steven Pienaar. Then there’s that lad Dzeko from Wolfsburg, and a couple of ‘rising stars’. Ah, yeah, Arda Turan.. the Turk!

Real Madrid have just sacked Pelligrini, and the ‘special one’ will be replacing him. The fun begins now! The hacks will be going nuts.

This is not about transfers. There’s plenty of transfer trash out there, and I’m not going to add to it. I had been thinking of writing this for a while now. The Spurs 2009/10 season review.

My views about this amazing season. At the start of the season, I had written this. And after that I had promised myself that I wouldn’t write anything about Spurs till May. I didn’t want to jinx the good run 🙂

So the season has ended, and a lot has been written about the team’s performance, and the players.

This is THFC season 2009/10 through my eyes.

  • Pre- season expectations

Before we get to the pre-season, let’s have a look at the season before that. The 2008/09 season. The famous ‘2 points from 8 games’ one. Ramos was sacked after the 8th game of the season, and Harry ‘Houdini’ Redknapp was brought in to clean up the *beep*. The team progressed under Harry.From the 20th (and last) place in October, to 10th place at the end of the season. Steady, if not impressive progress.

So, prior to the start of the brand new season I was expecting a 5th or 6th place finish. Get us into the Europa league, and a good domestic cups run, maybe winning one of them.

I had always maintained that this(2009/10) was a building phase. Anything above the 5th place would be a massive bonus for the team. Champions league was what I wanted for Spurs, but doubted if it would happen so soon.

  • Reaction to the 4th place finish

OM*G! Yeah, that was it. Though we had been hovering in that 4-5-6 area all season, I wasn’t really sure if we’d be 4th come May 9, 2010. The reason, Man City, Aston Villa, and even Liverpool were chasing. There was a difference of just a few points. At one stage, we had just 1 point lead over the chasers.

The high point came in the penultimate game of the season, when Crouchy (Peter Crouch) headed into the Man City net.

  • Expectation from the new season (2010/11 season)

A couple of expectations really. Now that we’ve tasted blood, let’s go for the kill! Okay, I’m being a bit dramatic here.

What I expect to see in 10/11 season is one, getting past the champions league qualifiers (into the main draw). Two, consolidate the 4th place finish. No harm in dreaming of winning the league next season, but I think the plan would be to finish top 4 consistently before charging towards the No1 spot. And three, as always have a decent cup run. Hopefully a couple of youngsters who had impressed in the 09/10 season will be tried out in the early stages of the cups.

  • Best game of the season

Man city vs Spurs, without a doubt. That wasn’t the best game in terms of pretty football. Hell, it wasn’t even a humdinger. But that game, a win in that game, got us into the promised land. So for me Man City v Spurs was the best game of the season

  • Worst game of the season

I’d pick Everton v Spurs. This was a 2-2 draw. That’s my candidate for the worst game. Sure, there were losses against Wolves, and Stoke, and others. But sometimes a draw hurts more than a loss. We were leading by 2 goals to nil, with some 15 minutes to go for the whistle. And some pathetic defending, allowed the Toffees to claw back to make it 2-2. That’s not the end. We won a penalty in the 90th minute, and had a chance to go one up, and win the game. But, Defoe made a royal mess of the spot kick and the match ended at 2 all. Frustrating? No! That was painful.

  • Goal of the season

Plenty to pick from. Tommy Huddlestone’s piledriver against Bolton, Gareth Bale against Chelsea, Modders (Luka Modric) against Burnley, Danny Rose against Arsenal.

My vote for the goal of the season goes to Peter Crouch against Manchester City, for the obvious reasons. That wasn’t an attractive goal, but that’s the one that got us into the 4th place.

  • Most improved player

Gomes. No doubt about it. He’s gone from ‘Clown Gomes’ to Mr. Dependable. Pulled off brilliant, but sometimes ugly to watch, saves. Mikey Dawson, and Lennon are others.

But Gomes gets the M.I.P. prize from me. He’s still suspect when it comes to defending corners, still punches away at the ball when he should have caught it, and his kicking is still awful. BUT, I don’t get jittery every time there’s a set piece to defend. I know the ‘Octopus’ is in the goal. He’ll do the job for us.

  • Surprise package

Gareth Bale. He came to Spurs with a huge reputation. At 17 he was a full international for Wales, and the likes of Man Utd were chasing him for his signature.

Started brilliantly, but an ankle injury kept him out for a long time, and then Assou stepped up and started giving consistent performances at left back. Plus there was the ‘Gareth Bale jinx’ stuff. We had not won a game in which Bale started. Too much pressure for the young fella. An injury to BAE around January, and Bale got a chance to show the world what he really is. The youngster hasn’t looked back since. Back to back goals against Chelsea and Arsenal, and a string of excellent performances won him the Premier league award for April.

  • Non performer/s

Two names that come to mind. Robbie Keane, and Jenas. To be fair, Jenas had been injured for most part of the season. But even when he was fully fit, Redknapp picked Palacios, Huddlestone and even Modric at the CM role.

Keano… what can I say. The move to Liverpool and the nightmare spell there messed up his head big time. Shipped to Celtic in January, he scored a truck load of goals for them and won their player of the season award. Tells a lot about the quality of the SPL.

Other honourable mentions, Bentley and Pavyluchenko.

  • New faces at the Lane

No name dropping here! But would love to see a top class striker. Trust Harry to get in some quality signings before 31st August.

Looking forward to the 2010 FIFA World cup, and the qualifiers after that. The brand new Premier league season that follows in August. Good times ahead!


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