Hammered at Upton Park

Where do I begin?  It’s the day after, and I’m still totally pissed. I dismissed midweek’s loss to the swamp things as a minor blip, but yesterdays defeat to the mighty West Ham was the last straw.

So, what went wrong? Whatever happened to the team that finished 4th last season, and was supposed to give the Chelseas, and Man Utds of the world a run for their money? A team that’s filled with midfield maestros. What happened?

The Carling cup defeat was swallowed with a pinch of salt. Easy to dismiss that loss as “Hey, we’re now a champions league team. Couldn’t be bothered with the Carling cup. Could we?”

Yesterday, something happened. Something that even the most bitter of Tottenham haters wouldn’t have predicted. The team that’s playing in the champions league, one that boasts of players like Robbie Keane on their bench, lost to a team that’s sitting royally in the 20th and last place in the Premier league table.

What went wrong? What excuses this time, ‘Arry? Handing out favours to ex-teams, are we?

Let’s analyse the team selection..

Keeper Cudicini, deputising for the injured Gomes.  He isn’t that bad, for a No2 keeper. But that’s it. Nothing more. Doesn’t inspire confidence. Let’s face it.. he’s a good keeper, but nowhere near Gomes’ level. Sounds strange, but just the presence of Gomes in the goal is a peaceful sight.

Back 4? Totally unbelievable selection!

Bale at Left back? That kid is a monster on the left wing, but when pushed back to defend, he’s better off left on the bench. Have someone defend the left side, not Bale. He’s born to boss the left wing.

But, Bale’s position at LB yesterday was understandable. Assou-Ekotto, the only other left back in the team was carrying a knock, and had to be kept fit for the midweek Champions league encounter.

Corluka at Center back? Are you kidding me!?

What happened to Steven Caulker? That boy, Caulker, who had such an impressive debut against the old enemy in the Carling cup. If you dismiss that penalty he gave away in extra time, Caulker’s game was good. He looks calm at the back. Yes, Ledley mark2.

After the Carling cup game, Harry had heaped praise on the young lad, calling him an appropriate successor to Ledley. Well, if he’s so damn talented, why wasn’t he in the team? Should have been on the bench at least, if not the starting XI. Anyway, he’s going to Bristol City on a season long loan now. Good for him. At least he’ll get regular playing time.

Bassong, on the other hand had an okay-ish game. He’s good on his day, that lad. Potential? Yes! But he’s like the pre-2008 Dawson. He’ll be a great partner at center back only if he has someone experienced alongside him, either King, Dawson or Gallas. Left to himself, like yesterday, he’s completely clueless. Sounds like the old Dawson, doesn’t it? Having Corluka beside him must have messed up his head big time.

The midfielders, except Van der Vaart, and to some extent, Modric, were all pathetic. Jenas tried hard, but he was bossed around in the midfield. And when a team lying in the 20th place does that to you, it’s bad.

Tommy Huddlestone, the captain for the day! God, why him? Captaincy and Huddlestone do not go together. He was out of sorts too. Lennon is still having a nightmare. He needs to get back his pre-injury form. ASAP!

Another big mystery is why Peter Crouch starts every single game? That leaves two very frustrated strikers, Keane and Pavyluchenko, on the bench.

What do they have to do, to get in the team?

And, 4-5-1 in the premier league? It’s not a frigging Champions league game! Should have started with the good old 4-4-2.

The premier league is a 38 game season, and some blips are expected along the way. But what has happened since the start of this season falls under the ‘Not happening’ category. Spurs have had one too many blips, and the season’s just getting started.

Just 6 games into the season.. not the time for knee jerk reactions. But the blips have to stop. Time to get out of the rut, and play like a top 4 team.

Champions league feels great.. mid week European games, and all that money flowing in. But shouldn’t we be focussing more on the Premier league, maintaining our place in the top 4?

Though it was a 1-0 loss, it seems like a hammering.


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