13 weeks and counting

I have just entered week 13 of my 52 week photo challenge, and I’m gonna brag about it here.

I started this project in mid 2010. Actually, it started as a 365 photos challenge at the start of the year. I clicked the first photo of this project on January 1, 2010 and continued clicking one photo per day till mid March. Then I had to abandon this project, mainly due to lack of time, work pressure! And, there was no serious effort on my part to revive the project later when things slowed down at work. Then one rainy Saturday afternoon in July I decided to start all over again.

I had been reading some articles on Digital Photography School website, and saw an interesting article about ways to keep you motivated. So, the abandoned 365 project was out of the deep freeze. Since it was very difficult to keep up with the ‘one photo per day’ schedule, I decided to tweak the project slightly. Time was a major factor that influenced the scrapping of the 365 project. So, this time I decided to go with a safer option. Thus, the 52 weekends project was kick started in July. I created a blog for this project.

This is where I upload the weekly experiments, http://50twophotos.wordpress.com.

I had always shot on weekends. No matter how busy or stressed out my work week was. Weekend was my time to unwind, experiment with the camera. The 52 photos project seemed doable, and on July 18, 2010 I shot my first picture of the new project. And I haven’t looked back.

This week should have been week 15, but I missed 2 weeks due to many reasons. I’m determined to make up for it. Maybe do a 2 photos per week sometime, and get back on track. 13 weeks, and counting! I have covered one fourth of the journey, and I still have a long way to go.

What I’ve been doing been doing? In these 13 weeks, I have learned a lot about my camera, stuff I didn’t know, and about photography in general. I bought my camera (Canon 1000D) in March 2009, but I have yet to figure out all the knobs and controls on that beast. I attended two photo-walks, but didn’t quite enjoy the experience. Street photography isn’t my cup of tea. More on street photography later.  I also started reading about the various PP software, specifically about GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). And after 13 weeks, I think I’ve improved a lot. My photos are better that they were at the start of the year. I’m still learning, still a long way to go. And, as they say “Well begun is half done”. Quarter done, in my case.

That’s my quarterly progress report. A little pat on my back for the effort. Till the next quarter, keep visiting the 52 photos project blog.

See you on week 26.


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