We’re havin’ a laugh!

So, last season the mighty Spurs beat Man City and stepped into the promised land of Champions League football. Not exactly Champions League. We still had to get past the qualifiers beast. But, 4th place nonetheless. Beating Chelsea, Arsenal, and Man City in the final week to get to 4th. THAT was an awesome feeling.

That “head in the clouds, walking on sunshine” feeling was short lived, and many of us came crashing down to terra firma on that ill fated day in August. A team that goes by the name of Young Boys, and who plays on an artificial turf raced to a 3-0 lead before half time. And, that’s when they started the “We told you so” chants.

Who’s “THEY”?  They is them lot .. the haters, bitters, and non believers.

They laughed when Young Boys got a 3 goal lead. But what they didn’t know is that a football game lasts for 90 minutes.

They laughed. Spurs got beat by Young Boys. “Y’all have no business playin’ the Champions League”, they said.

They didn’t notice the final score line. 3 in twenty minutes, but 3-2 at full time. Two away goals. No, they didn’t notice.

The 4-0 mauling of the ‘Boys’ at the Lane went unnoticed. “Young Boys? Who are they anyway?”.

They laughed when we let go a 2 goal lead to draw against Werder Bremen, in Bremen. That’s 2 away goals again. They made a big issue of Werder missing key players due to injury. But, didn’t we miss Defoe, Dawson, King, van der Vaart (for some games)? Who cares about injuries to Spurs players, huh? Bremen were unlucky. They have too many injuries. Poor babies. If they’d had all their players fit, Spurs wouldn’t have scored 2 goals.

They laughed again, and this time the hardest, when Inter went 4-0 up at half time. They didn’t see the Bale monster tormenting their right back, and the 3 goals (away goals no less!) in the second half. Inter switched off, they said. Switched off or not. A football game lasts 90 minutes, doesn’t it? That proved Inter were stupid enough to sit on a 4 goal lead and let Spurs attack and decimate them. Inter, the team managed by Benitez, whose ex-team had come back from a 3 goal deficit to win the Champions league some years ago. Really, you can’t be that stupid. Or, maybe?

But, still they laughed. Kept laughing.

The home wins over Inter, Bremen and Twente were because Spurs got lucky, because the referees sided with them, and because the opponents were missing their key players. No, Spurs did not play that great. They don’t belong here, in the Champions League.

They had another go at the laughing, when Twente came back thrice to draw 3-3.

Guess who’s laughing now? You lot, or us lot?

Into the knock out stages of the Champions League, and moved there in style. 18 goals scored, and conceded as many. But group winners. The so called ‘tough’ group. Still laughing, you trolls?

They said Spurs don’t deserve to be in the Champions League. Spurs will get thrashed in the qualifiers.

Then they said, Spurs are in a tough group. There’s no way they’re getting out of it.

Now, they’re saying you lot got lucky. The round of 16 will be your last.

Oh, you keep trolling, and keep laughing. My Spurs will keep proving you guys wrong.

Looking forward to the Last 16 draw. Doesn’t matter who’s drawn against us. This has been a roller coaster of a season so far. And we are lovin’ every minute of it.


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