Congrats Spain!

It’s been ages since I last blogged.. One year and two months to be precise. Just thought of posting a few words about Spain’s Euro 2012 victory. It wasn’t something you would label “greatest ever” final match.. but it was worth staying up late (matches begin at 0015 IST). But Spain’s performance in the final .. just one word – Whoa!

I love football, and am a massive Spurs fan. Two years ago, I wrote this, on Spain’s World cup semi final match against Germany.

I had criticized them for being too boring, playing possession football – tiki-taka. And, two years later, here I am congratulating them. So what gives?

Nothing. They still are a bit frustrating to watch, boring at times. When they won the World cup in 2010, they scored a grand total of 8 goals in the entire tournament. Not the kind of stat a team full of attacking players wants. Or do they?

But winning 3 consecutive tournaments is no joke. They truly deserve all the praise they are getting.

So, what has changed since 2010. One, they probably found the switch to turn on the swagger. Their performance in this year’s Euro was exactly what we saw at the World cup. Plenty of possession, but no goal fest. Okay, they did thrash Ireland 4-0, but against Croatia, Italy and Portugal there weren’t as many goals as we would have loved to see.

The finals was a different cup of tea (or coffee). They attacked from the start. It was a great game to watch. Both teams (Italy, the other finalists) played to win. There were no defensive tactics from either side.

Right now, Spain are being labelled “The greatest ever” .. but are they really? Portugal showed in the semi finals, that they (Spain) can be contained. The match ended 0-0, and could have gone either way in the shoot-out had Ronaldo not made THAT decision. Nani to be blamed to a certain extent too.

So, what is so special about this team? They have some exciting players in their squad, and their bench is a storehouse of talent. If one player misses the game due to any reason, they have an equally adept player to step up. Just take a look at their starting XI and the bench. Can anyone compete against that? And what’s scary is that the majority of this team will be playing in the next World cup!

I don’t agree with the tiki-taka tactics, possession football .. Well, if you have 50+ percent possession, you better score more than 2 goals per match. What’s the point taking the ball all the way to the edge of the box only to pass it back?

That’s probably their game plan, frustrating the hell out of the opponents. Whatever it is, it’s working – for now.

So, here’s congratulating Spain on their Euro 2012 win.


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