What’s your name?

Day 2 of the 30 day challenge. After that awkward “Introduce yourself” post, I’m all set for day2.

A peek into my mind – Why did I name my blog that? That’s what it is, right? Your blog. It lets others a glimpse of what’s going on in your head, in your life. That’s blogging is all about. Putting your thoughts out there.

The reasons I chose this name. Okay, the name wasn’t originally “a peek into my mind”. I had named my blog “A piece of my mind”. That was the name I decided when I set up this blog many years ago. Never gave it much thought. A blog is a blog is a …

But this assignment got me thinking. A piece of my mind? Am I really that person who keeps telling people off? And so I decided to change it to a A peek into my mind.

It also seems apt. People who know me, know me really well. Friends, who I’ve known since kindergarten. They tell me I’m a closed kind of person. That’s true. I take a long time to open up, and make friends. I am not comfortable talking about “What I really feel about this or that” with people I don’t know. With my family, or my closest friends, I’m Miss Chatty, but with strangers… There’s no way I’ll start and hold a proper conversation.

So yeah, I’ll let you a tiny peek into my life, into my head. But just a peek. And that’s it.
My tagline? Mental. Sums up my life right now. Sums up my entire life, actually. There’s so much going on inside my head. Always. I often think of the poor neurons, working overtime. It’s a brain that never rests.

So, this is my blog. This is my world. Everyone is welcome. But as the header says, just a peek.


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