Exploring my neighbourhood

Challenge Day 4. Explore the neighbourhood. No the *real* one. But the blog-hood. Find blogs that write about stuff I’m interested in, and follow them.

Here’s one interesting one: http://followtheeatenpath.wordpress.com

This blog is named “Follow the eaten path” and as the name suggests, it’s about food. I didn’t even have to look at the posts. Food!! That’s all. I immediately clicked the Follow link.

And another : http://printsensephotography.com/

Back in 2010, when I bought my first camera, I searched for blogs/websites/forums for learning photography. This one caught my eye. Go ahead and explore. I love the 52 Challenge on that blog.

That’s just two of the many blogs I’m following. Two of the oldest ones on my “Blogs I follow” list.

I have liked and also followed plenty of blogs recently. Most of these found on the daily post forum, and the ones the search engine found with the “zerotohero” tag.

It’s been a great journey so far … I’m enjoying every moment of it. Lots of inspiration.


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