Snape – My Hero.

Severus Snape, the unsung hero of the Harry Potter series. He’s my hero. JK Rowling has created the perfect unsung hero in Snape.

Who would have thought Snape would be the one assigned to protect Harry Potter. For most Potterheads, Snape was revealed to be a hero, a good guy only in the final book (Deathly Hallows), and after his death. For me he was “a good guy pretending to be a bad one” right from book one.

I don’t know about the others, but the first time I read the book (Philosophers stone), I had already formed an opinion about Snape. And my “told you so” moment came when the final book was out, and the world came to know about the real Severus Snape.

So, who is the real Snape? And why did he put his life on the line, just to protect a boy?

The books, right from the first one, describe Snape as a dark, brooding person. Probably someone who hasn’t smiled even once in his life. Someone who’s hiding some kind of a dark secret inside him. Someone who as once upon a time a Dark Eater, follower of You-Know-Who. What is so likeable about him? Oh, and he’s the one who killed Dumbledore. An absolute despicaple character.

Most of the exchanges between the trio and Snape always seem to point to the negative side of Snape. That he is probably the one who would eventually harm Harry, or hand him over to Voldemort.

That, actually is the genius of Rowling. Build up all the Snape hate, and then add a twist in the story, that would shatter all the opinions formed about him.



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Why did I form a positive opinion about Snape, and not hate him from the word go? I don’t know. Maybe it was the enigmatic nature of Snape, or the description of Snape in all the book .. the dark, moody kind. One who doesn’t socialise often. Never smiles. Probably keeping some secret. Those were the qualities (enigmatic/dark) that attracted me to Snape’s character. And all the time I kept wishing for some kind of a twist, some kind of a “whoa!!” moment in the series where Snape would be shown as a good guy. Well, that happened. But, AFTER his death.

If you have read the books (or watched the movies), the real reasons for Snape’s aloofness are now well known. Snape loved Lily (Harry’s mum). He loved her all his life. He made a wrong choice (joining the Death Eaters), but later realised his mistake, and wanted to protect Lily and her family. He risked his own life to protect the son of the woman he loved.

I think he’s the real hero of the series. Okay, Harry killed Voldemort, as he was supposed to. But Snape kept him safe all those years. No one, except Dumbledore, knew Snape’s little secret.

This blog post isn’t about “Yeah, I was right” or “Told you so”. I just wanted to write a blog post about one of my favourite fictional characters.

There are plenty of Snape memes on the internet. This one sums up Snape’s character perfectly.

Sums up Snape's character perfectly.

Sums up Snape’s character perfectly.

(Image source: tumblr)

Severus Snape. The bravest man the world has ever known.


9 thoughts on “Snape – My Hero.

  1. When a friend recommended I read the Harry Potter series, by the end of the first book I told her Snape was good. She had already finished the series, and kept denying it. She told me he was a bad guy. I corrected her with “complex character”. I’m glad that Rowling met with my expectations of the character. I don’t care if she doesn’t care for him, I think he’s the best character of the books.

    • Thanks for your comment. True, Snape IS the best character of the books. Most people feel very strongly about his character, and they hate him. That is the brilliance of JK Rowling’s writing. She has created the perfect anti-hero.

  2. Great post! I totally agree. I love how you said, “all the time I kept wishing for some kind of a twist, some kind of a “whoa!!” moment in the series where Snape would be shown as a good guy. ” I was exactly the same way…all through the books I was convince that there had to be a way to make Snape good/redeemed. He is such an amazing character. It was really fun to hear your thoughts. I have written quite a few essays on Snape as well. I would love to hear what you think sometime if you ever get the chance (no pressure though).

    Thanks for sharing. It’s so wonderful to find another person who understands the unsung hero of Snape.


    • Wow! Yet another Snape admirer. Great to see so many HP readers liking Snape’s character. It’s so easy to hate him, isn’t it? Bullies the students, is rude, always in a bad mood. But that part from Deathly Hallows when Harry carries Snape’s thoughts to the pensieve. Wow! What an epic moment. All that Snape hate just disappears and every one sees him as a hero. Genius writing.

      Thank you for your comments. Wonderful blog. Just had a look at the posts, but haven’t read them. I’ll definitely visit again 🙂

      • It really is genius writing, and it teaches us a lot about our interactions with people in our real lives…if only we could remember that we don’t always know all the information. Someone that seems really distasteful to us could be a “Severus Snape.”

        His character seems so real. It’s the depth of the characters (like Severus) that make the Harry Potter series so much fun to read…again and again.


        P.S. Thanks for checking out my blog. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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