Just not cricket?

Yet another away series loss, and captain fantastic still thinks “quite a good performance” by his team. Not that I am/was interested in this series, or the one before. To be honest, I stopped giving a {bleep} about cricket a long time ago. I get strange looks from people when I tell them I did not watch the World Cup (that one which our all conquering team won). No, I haven’t. And I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to watching cricket with the same passion as I did as a kid again.

I’m not a cricket hater. No, Hate is a strong word. I didn’t grow up disliking cricket. I’ve just started disliking everything about it a few years ago. Born and raised in Mumbai, it’s difficult to escape from cricket. Cricket is everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. It’s probably the first sport you learn. I’ve played cricket as a child. Played in the narrow lanes. Experienced the ‘thrill’ of running away and hiding whenever a sixer shattered the window panes. It’s just that at some point the excessive cricket made me fall out of like with this game. Then there’s the IPL. Don’t even get me started about that.

Anyway, back to the original point. So, those comments were in the post match interview. I wouldn’t have read that article or bothered to check on the series scores but for some interesting tweets on my timeline. Interesting because these cricket fanatics were out in full force blaming every thing from the weather conditions to poor umpiring. Right, blame everything, and every one except the ones who should be blamed.

I also chanced upon this very interesting and thought provoking tweet, and that got me thinking.



Wow! So India hasn’t won an away series for 3 years, and are at no2 in the rankings? What does that tell you? The standard of cricket overall, or the rankings system?

Does this mean the rest of the cricket playing sides are so bad that a team with that kind of record is at no 2. Probably all will be forgotten in a couple of months (or weeks?) once IPL starts.

For a country that’s absolutely mental about the game, and where cricket players are worshiped as gods, this stat is a but demeaning. What are the reasons for that? Too much cricket being played that the players just don’t care anymore. Batsmen friendly, flat pitches at home, maybe?

As far as I know, India always had a bad record playing away from home. Tigers at home, kitties abroad? This does seem interesting. I might start watching international cricket again, just for the stats comparison and to know how things work. The game, and the rules have changes so much in the past few years, that I feel like a fossil. Maybe not the cricket, but I might start taking an interest in the stats. Numbers fascinate me.

And those comments about “being a talented side, and we are improving”. Sometimes even a facepalm isn’t enough.


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