Post match rant … why can’t we keep things in control?

So, Newcastle visit the Lane, and walk away with 3 points. Fortress, they once called it. Hardly.

Another loss. Another hard to digest loss. Why do we do that? West Brom – who were at the bottom of the table, and without a win, visited the Lane and went back with 3 points. It was Newcastle’s turn today. Why are we so generous like that? Why can’t we be a bit (or very) stingy with the points.

Actually it’s not the loss that’s prompted me to get out of my lazy bubble and blog about it. It’s the manner in which we lost.

Losing – I can take. It’s a game. Win some, lose some, draw some. But giving up without a fight. It’s just unacceptable.

Talent is overrated.

I’m sick of hearing about the talent we have in our squad, and how we’re gonna be world beaters the day they click and start playing beautiful football. Talent, is overrated. It counts to nothing if you don’t show the fight. Honestly, I did not see that intent, the hunger, the ‘can do – will do’ attitude today. They just seemed to be running around like headless chickens.

I don’t dwell on the past .. never cry over players who have left – But what we lacked today was someone like Scott Parker, or Michael Dawson out there. These guys – they always gave 100% out there.

Am I going to lose sleep over that result? Don’t think so .. I guess all these years supporting Spurs have made me immune to this kind of disappointment. Never easy.

I can’t let a part of me die every time Spurs lose. I’d be a zombie by now.

Two days ago, everyone was raving about that rabona. Hmm?

I don’t want a rabona in every game, I want goals. Doesn’t matter how ugly that goal is. Just score one more than your opponents. That’s all I ask. Too much?


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