2015 – a year in books

2015 has been a great year for me, in many respects. But one thing that stands out is that I set a target for myself, and stuck to the plan. I am not a big fan of new year resolutions, and I hardly keep any. Most are broken in the first week of January anyway 😉

So, the target I set myself was to read a certain number of books. Also, it included the part where I step out of my comfort zone and read books of genres/authors that I’ve never read before and am not comfortable with.

The target I had set was 20 books – doable. I have always been a decent reader – though I’ve never actually kept a track of the number of books I read in a month or a year. But considering I read at a good enough speed of ~2 books per month – sometimes more, if they are short reads, I think I read around 25 books a year.

Anyway, 2015 was the first time I had officially set a target for myself, and I intended to see it to completion.

GoodReads is a wonderful site, and though I’ve been on there since 2013, I have just recently (i.e since the start of 2015) using it regularly. GR helped me keep a log of the number of books, and also my ratings.

Here is a link to my 2015 YEAR IN BOOKS. Though I had initially set a target of 20 books, I revised it to 25 as soon as I started reading my 19th book. I surpassed that and ended the year on 31 books – not bad. *applause and drumroll please*

A snapshot of my 2015 progress


My Year in Books

Some highlights of the year :

  1. I read my first Haruki Murakami book (Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman). Whenever I ask for recommendations, some authors always get mixed reactions. Murakami is one. People are big fans, or not at all. There’s no in-between. I loved this book – it’s a collection of stories. And I intend to read a couple more in 2016.
  2. My struggle to finish The Fountainhead continues. I have this book sitting on my bookshelf for about 3 years now, but I’ve never been able to finish it.
  3. The best of 2015 – too many to list, but if I have to pick one it is Billions and Billions by Carl Sagan.

For 2016, I have set a target of 25 books – and yes, I’ll be tracking my progress on Goodreads.




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