Sikkim Diaries – day 1

My mobile displays the time …00:00 . It’s here. D-Day! The day has finally arrived. 8-April-2017. The day I FINALLY set out for my long awaited, much deserved trip to Sikkim.

No. Hang on. The flight is at 10:05 am, and it’s just midnight. Mr. Murphy be lurking in the shadows somewhere. Five years, and three failed attempts should have taught me something about plans going for a toss.

12:05 am. CAN’T SLEEP. So much excitement. Maybe it’s the huge tumbler of coffee I had just before dinner. Either way, there will be no sleeping tonight.

So … just lying down I try to make a mental list of all the stuff I was supposed to pack. And now begins the fun part – I always have this strange fear before every trip that I’ve forgotten to pack something. That gets converted to “the airline is going to misplace my bags” during a flight. Or, “what if my train is late”, “I’m going to forget something on the bus”, “maybe I’ve got into the wrong train/bus/any vehicle” 😀 Happens every time.

And I did forget something – torch. So I spend 45 minutes hunting for my headlamp. Obviously I don’t find it. But it at least keeps me occupied for about an hour, and probably woke up everyone at home.

6:00 am, and time to “wake up”. Haven’t slept a wink though. But yeah, wake up.  Breakfast, shower and I’m all set. I’m still not convinced this trip is happening.. Five years blah blah..

Booked an Uber for the ride to the airport, and two minutes later I get a call from the driver that he’s at my building gate. *Alarm bells clanging* That is the first sign. The glitch in the matrix. I mean, you’re not supposed to arrive at the gate in 2 minutes. What are you? Maggi? Go to the wrong locality, then wrong building, then the gate on the opposite side, and then finally after a world tour, arrive at my gate.

The ride to the airport was uneventful .. No traffic. Even with all the metro work on the highway. NO TRAFFIC! Another sign.

Arrive at the airport, and check-in done in 7 minutes. Sign #3. I don’t believe in signs and omens or stuff like that. But this is creeping me out. The universe is sending me signals. Oh em gee. Three failed attempts blah blah..

Checked in, and the long wait begins.  Now starts another round of “what if my flight is delayed”, “what if it’s cancelled”.  I look around. I see people clicking selfies, taking pictures of landing, take off, and parked planes. Much amusement. Such entertainment. Finally, the giant tv screen announces boarding for my flight, and relief! The take off was on time. 10:05 am. Should I interpret it as another signal? Naah!!! I AM GOING TO SIKKIM AFTER ALL!! Five years, three failed attempts…

Peaceful flight (= No screaming kids. No loud conversations 😉 ). Slept for a bit, read a bit, looked out of the window and finally landed at Bagdogra airport. Met FRIENDS (7 wonderful people with whom I would be spending the next 9 days). Friends – yup! Didn’t know anyone from the group. Met them for the first time at Bagdogra. But that’s what traveling is all about. Meet new people, make friends, make memories. Had to wait for one from the group whose flight was delayed. But hey, who is complaining. A bit of chit chat, and lunch. All set to proceed towards Sikkim. Okhrey in West Sikkim, to be precise. Yay.

Okhrey is ~ 135 km from Bagdogra airport. Shouldn’t take more than 3 hours (maybe?) – in the plains. But mountain roads are tough. The people in the vehicle (driver, and passengers) make or break a journey. Extremely lucky to be in the company of 4 wonderful people. Lot’s of one liners (specially about reckless drivers, and bikers – more on that later), and some life gyaan by our amazing driver. The journey seemed like a breeze. So far.

Soon the straight roads were left behind, and we started ascending. Got to add a point here – Driving on narrow, winding mountain roads is a huge challenge, and much respect to all the people who do this every day.

We were informed beforehand that this was going to be a long long loooooong drive. And a long drive it was. And every long journey needs a quick chai break. We were not yet in Sikkim when we stopped for tea/coffee and snacks.


We were in Kalimpong (Bengal). Stopped at this cute little place situated right next to the river. Had chai and momos, and maggi. You can’t travel to the mountains and not have momos and maggi 😀 It’s blasphemy.


chai, momos and this view (at Kalimpong)

Still ascending, and sometime later the AC was switched off, and the windows rolled down. Felt the cool breeze on my face and I knew we’re getting close.

Sure enough we reached a check post and were greeted by a polite cop (erm, WHAT?) who checked our papers and wished us (WHAT again!) a happy stay in Sikkim.

There’s still a long way to go … but we stopped for a while to admire the view (it was dark already – but the moon! what lovely view. The almost full moon) and also to give the engines some rest.


this view!

A short break, and we were off. The temperature had dropped, and I had to put on my jacket. Felt good though. Specially after the heat and humidity of Mumbai. More ascend, more winding roads, and a one liner about the dust (some road repair work on the way) we finally reached Okhrey at around 10 pm. Set off from Bagdogra around 3:15 -ish and drove non stop (with just one pit stop for tea).  Long, tiring journey – but strangely felt refreshed on reaching Okhrey. Adrenaline rush. That must be it.

Dinner (hot food!!) was waiting for us, and big surprise – I ate the veggies without any fuss. 😉 Simple dinner – rice, daal, sabzi.

Dinner done, freshened up, and it’s lights off. Tomorrow is going to be a big day. Trek to the Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary!

Lights off, and sweet dreams about the trek tomorrow. Ending Day 1 on a high note.

Note – There were two FIRSTS on this trip for me..

  1. First time I traveled with a all women group. Big shout out to F5 Escapes, for a wonderful trip. Well thought out itinerary. Plenty of off beat places – Thumbs up! and Thank you. 🙂
  2. First time I carried a book with me on a vacation (I can hear you laughing) – Read 50 pages –  *drum roll* while waiting for my flight, and during the flight. But hey, when you are in such awesome company you don’t need a book.

Another Note – Huge shout out to my F5 travel buddies. If you’re reading this THANK YOU. You are awesome.


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