Sikkim Diaries – day 9

Last day today. Sikkim Diaries – the finale! Well, technically not the last day of Sikkim Diaries. We left Sikkim the previous evening and stayed overnight at Siliguri. Nothing much to write today except that it feels a bit sad to go back home.. back to the daily grind. But at least I’m going back with happy memories, and loads of photos 🙂 And 7 new friends!

Sunday – last day of vacation 😦 Didn’t get a good night’s sleep. The room felt too stuffy. Maybe it was the blocked sinuses.. maybe it was the ventilation.

Out of the group of 8, three (me included) had our flights earlier in the afternoon.. So after breakfast we checked out and drove to the airport. The ones who had their flights later in the day had come to see us off. Now, Bagdogra airport is under military control so there’s a lot of restriction there. So we said our goodbyes quickly and stood in line for security check. Three people, two destinations, three different flights. This is where we split up. Bags scanned and tagged, boarding pass done, and I was in the airport waiting area. Crowds, and metal chairs – this place has the feel of a railway waiting room 😀

I passed time observing people – favourite thing to do at train stations, airports, anywhere I have to wait, and also had a cup of tasteless machine coffee.

Thankfully my flight took off on time, and I landed in Mumbai around 4:15. And again thankfully no screaming kids on the flight.

Hello Mumbai. Hello humidity! Felt like I was sitting inside a furnace – all the way from the airport to home.

Back home – refreshed after a super vacation. Loads of memories!! Met 7 amazing people – that was the biggest take away from this trip.

Once back home the next task begins – selecting the best pics, processing and uploading them AND collate all the small notes, bullet points jotted down on my notepad and Evernote and write a series of blog posts.

So that’s it from me – </SikkimDiaries>

Postcards from Sikkim. 🙂




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